Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2020.08.29 Saturday 14:00-16:00
Instructor 杨子易, 劳佳昳
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Language Chinese

At this moment, let us immerse ourselves in the world of nature
Pick a flower for hand-made jewelry
Write poems for ordinary days


Speaking of the word "jewelry", what often pop up in our mind are those dazzling jewelry made of precious metals. But do you know that fresh plants can also be used as raw materials for jewelry making?

Inspired by "the lost wedding ring appeared on a potato twenty years later", a Belgian jewelry artist Hilde De Decker built a greenhouse on his own to establish a connection between the grown fruit, vegetables and jewelry, creating natural jewelry that co-grow with plants.


> works of Hilde De Decker

Japanese jewelry artist Shinji Nakaba, who is famous for pearl-carving, wears brooches or rings which are made from flowers that he encounters during his daily walks. One encounter, one chance. That’s how he embellishes the chest and between the fingers with the ordinary beauty of daily life and the changes of the four seasons.


> IKEBANA ring (steel) by Shinji Nakaba

The new IKEBANA ring is complete! I bring it with me for a walk in the forest right away and found that the ground was covered with red flowers. Wow, camellias! I couldn't help picking them up and putting them in my pocket, wearing my IKEBANA ring for a walk. My heart is full of joyfulness and something so energetic filled my chest. 

——Shinji Nakaba

In the afternoon of August 29th (this Saturday), jewelry designers Yang Ziyi and Lao Jiadie will share with us on how contemporary artists can draw creative elements from nature to develop their own works. After works appreciation session, two artists will guide you to create your own "natural accessories" with flowers such as roses, daffodils and lilies as inspired by stories around.


>Works from previous events

Guest Info.

Yang Ziyi
Jewelry Artist, head of faculty at AIVA

As an experienced art educator, her love for both education and artistic creation are so compatible that her creativity as an artist and the penetration brought by her being an educator finally benefit each other. Her " Ta Sheng" series won the “Top Young” Award from UBI Gallery, and her works "Su Wang" series have been exhibited at home and abroad.


Lao Jiadie

Graduated with Master of Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)and Bachelor of Jewelry Design from Wuhan University of Geosciences. Her works were selected for Marzee International Graduate Show 2019, RISD 2018 Biennial Exhibition for Graduate from Jewelry Design and 2019 Triennial Exhibition for Faculty of Jewelry.

PAM Craft Workshop Tips


1. Workshop sign-in (please sign in on the 7th floor of the Center of Pearl Art Museum 10 minutes before the workshop begins)
2. Appreciation of natural jewelry works by contemporary jewelry artists
3. Natural jewelry making with fresh flowers
4. Take artwork photos and group photos

~Feel free to take your finished work home. And Please note that the jewelry components are recyclable, and blossomed flowers at any time can always be your unique design material


Notes for registration

The workshop is designed for:Audiences over 18 who are interested in this event(Limited seats; Registration is available now)
     · Package A ¥288.00/person (including tuition and material fees)
     · Package B ¥338.00/person (including ¥288 tuition and material fee and a ¥80 ticket for the "In the Name of Flower" exhibition)

NoteAfter successful registration, PAM staff will conform with you one day before the event (August 28, Friday) by phone, so please stay in touch.


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