Venue Shangying Cinema
Date 2017.09.08 Friday
Opening Date 2017.09.08 Friday 19:00
Speaker Tadao Ando
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Price ¥60.00 Buy Ticket
Tadao Ando’s Lecture in Shanghai 2017 Venturing Possibilities
Venue Shanghai Film Art Center SFC
Address 160 Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai City
Speaker Tadao Ando
Language​​​​​​​ Japanese, translated to Mandarin
Activity Details

Recipient of “The Pritzker Architecture Prize” ( aka Nobel Prize in the Architecture) and the world renowned architect, Tadao Ando, is coming to this magical city for an intellectual dialog with you!

“Tadao Ando: Leading” is the opening exhibition for Pearl Art Museum and will arrive in Shanghai at the end of 2017. This is the first time that Ando is presenting his retrospective in a museum that he designed. For this reason, PAM is with honor to welcome Ando to attend press conference on September 8th. At the same night, a remarkable lecture offers opportunity for understanding the essence of Ando’s works. Tadao Ando will share with the audience his originality on architectural ideas and approaches.


Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Who is the architect?

Tadao Ando was born in 1941 in Osaka, Japan. With no formal architectural education background, he developed his own unique and unconventional architectural language. He is one of the most active and influential world-leading architects. Completed works exceed more than a count of 200 and spread from Japan to the entire world. Ando is awarded with an array of internationally renowned architecture awards, including The Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is equivalent to The Nobel Prize in architecture. His works are peaceful and playful, which enlightens the traditions of Japanese architecture.


Church on the Water

A Maverick

As an architect, Tadao Ando’s design combines the oriental aesthetics and the western architectural theory. Designing with the intention to follow human-oriented theory, he brings forth the concept of emotion-based space. Emphasizing the correlation between nature and environment, Ando  focuses on the pursuit of a unique regional culture and scenery. This concept breaks the ordinary architectural style and endorses him to become an idol in contemporary architecture.


Museums on Naoshima Island

A Traveler

His exclusive understanding towards architecture is gained through traveling experiences. For Tadao Ando, traveling is his only and the most essential mentor, as nothing is more real than the perception of space from one’s own five senses. Today, in search of new inspirations, he is still on the road, traveling through various avenues and streets, adventuring through buildings intimately for recognizing the relationship between architecture and people.


Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art