Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2018.08.18 Saturday 19:00-21:00
Speaker Yan Xiaojun
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Language Chinese

To explore Dong Qichang’s “Reading Walking”, on August 18th(Saturday) at 7 pm, Pearl Art Museum specially invited Dr. Yan Xiaojun from Shanghai Museum Research Institute to be a guest to explain < Universe as a teacher: Dong Qichang's concept of traveling and landscape painting>

▲ 明 董其昌 燕吴八景图册·西山雪霁 上海博物馆藏

▲ 明 董其昌 燕吴八景图册·西山暮霭 上海博物馆藏

▲ 明 董其昌 燕吴八景图册·赤壁云帆 上海博物馆藏