Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2020.09.06 Sunday 14:00-16:00
Guest Speaker Chen Suhua
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Language Chinese

Chinese people love flowers, which is a complex deep in Chinese culture for nearly 5,000 years. Almost every flower has been endowed a unique cultural character. The faithful lotuses “emerge unstained from the filth and rise unsullied from mud”; the lofty Chrysanthemums “would rather die on the branch retaining their scent than be scattered in the cold wind”; the pioneering plum blossoms “bloom before all flowers”… In the long history, these short-lived flowers seem to have gained eternal life.


>works by Chen Suhua

“Making upper garment out of water chestnuts and lotus leaves, and making lower garment out of lotus.” As early as the Warring States period, our ancestors began to wear flowers. With the introduction of Buddhism in the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, there was a trend of making offerings with flowers in temples. In the Five Dynasties period, every spring when flowers are in full bloom, Emperor Li Yu would order people to arrange rows of small wooden barrels with flowers in it between the carved beams and on the steps. He called this “Heavenly Abode with Flowers”. Flower arrangement became a palace event.


> works by Chen Suhua

In the Song Dynasty, when literati paintings were flourishing, the literati flower arrangement, one of the "Four Arts", also rose, spreading and developing rapidly. In the Ming Dynasty, a huge floral art system was established, combining beauty and meaning, rationality and pleasure, and focusing on the coordination of flowers with the environment and containers. Now, flower arrangement has spread among the people and become an indispensable art for decoration at festivals and households.


> works by Chen Suhua

The floral art is both about observing nature and examining one's own heart. At 14:00 on Sunday, Mrs. Chen Suhua, senior professor of Chinese Floral Arts Foundation and founder of Shanghai Huacai Adventure Studio, will give a lecture on the history and inheritance of Chinese floral art at the Heart Hall of Pearl Art Museum.Mrs. Chen will also perform the Chinese floral art to show you its artistic and cultural charm.


Chen Suhua
Senior professor of Chinese Floral Arts Foundation, with more than 20 years of teaching experience
Director of Shanghai Liaison Office of Chinese Floral Arts Foundation

In 2005, she established Shanghai Huacai Adventure Studio to promote Chinese floral art, and hold Chinese floral art exhibition with students every year;
In 2016, she won the Teacher Award of Chinese Floral Arts Foundation and participated in the Foundation's annual exhibition many times;
In 2016, she participated in the exchange exhibition of Shanghai Flower Association and Chinese Floral Arts Foundation at Shanghai Duoyunxuan Art Gallery;
In 2017, she participated in the exchange exhibition of China Flower Association and Chinese Floral Arts Foundation at Dinglin Temple, Nanjing;
In October 2018, she participated in the floral exchange exhibition hosted by China Garden Museum, and organized by China Flower Association and Chinese Floral Arts Foundation;
In 2019, she participated in the "Before Flowers Fall-Oriental Floral Art and Life Aesthetics Exhibition" jointly held by Literati Space and Hefengyi Aesthetics Space.

Tips from the PAMer

The process
Lecture → Chinese Floral Art Show → Audience Interaction and Floral Art Works Creation

At the end of the activity, Mrs. Chen Suhua will invite the audience to create Chinese floral works with her. If you want to experience Chinese floral art, please sign up for our activity!