Venue Pearl Art Museum (Center of Light Space)
Date 2020.08.22 Saturday 14:00-16:00
Speaker Guo Taoran
Organizer Pearl Art Museum
Support Forest City Studio
Language Chinese

At the corner of a city, wildflowers in clusters can always be seen.
We may not know her name, neither do we even realize her existence.
But whenever the signal of flower blooming arrives, she would stretch herself and bloom freely.


> 诸葛菜 图片来源:城市荒野工作室

What are wildflowers? Different from man-made artworks, they grow freely in nature. While people are constantly cultivating new flower species according to their own admiration to flowers, these bright-colored and puffy flowers decorate the streets and alleys.Wildflowers, however, make their presence regardless of human beings’ aesthetic taste. Instead, they still stubbornly take root in corners of the city even if they are ignored and forgotten. Maybe the only place for them to stay is the corners and the brick cracks, but whenever the signal of flower blooming arrives, she will do her best to bloom freely.


> 泽珍珠菜 图片来源:城市荒野工作室

In the ecosystem, wildflowers, though tiny, have the power to trigger the "butterfly effect". The delicate structure of wildflowers designed for pollinating insects has been mutated in the artificial cultivation of new flower species, and the pollination network has also undergone tremendous changes in the urban ecology. This has caused many insects to gradually disappear from the city due to their inability to adapt, triggering a series of chain reactions in the ecosystem. Perhaps we have never given a thought of the fact that our aesthetic appreciation of flowers is truly affecting the ecosystem functions.


> 黄鹌菜   图片来源:城市荒野工作室

On the afternoon of August 22nd (this Saturday), Guo Taoran, the founder of Forest City Studio, was present at the Center of Pearl Art Museum to bring us back to the nature, discover the urban wildflowers that "we may not recognize even if we meet", explore their ecological value and imagine a future ecological home where wildflowers blossom with butterflies and bees flying around.



Guo Taoran

founder of Forest City Studio) Designed and implemented a number of urban ecological restoration projects; dedicated to the conservation of local biodiversity and restoration of urban biodiversity in East China. Participated in the compilation of popular science illustrative books such as Manual of Identifying Common Wildflowers in Shanghai and 300 species of Urban Wildflowers in Yangtze River Delta.


Forest City Studio is the nature education brand under Shanghai Wanye Education Technology Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2013, it is committed to urban natural education and urban ecological restoration. The studio provides courses related to nature and natural history for tens of thousands of families every year, and maintains long-term cooperative relationships with many government agencies, scientific research institutions, and international NGOs, engaging in species surveys, ecological technology research, local species conservation, nature education and training and compilation of natural science books, etc. It constantly contributes to China's ecological conservation efforts and works with people to protect the earth planet on which they live.